How to Assess Your Roof for Water Damage

The northeast has already been receiving impressive amounts of rain this spring, and things will only gain momentum as we head into summer. Hurricane season can bring severe weather and torrential downpours to New York, which is why it’s important to catch any signs of existing water damage now on roofing in Ulster and Dutchess County. Here’s how to assess your roof for water damage.

Check Inside for Leaks

Sometimes you don’t even have to get on top of your roof to know you have a problem. Leaks can reveal themselves in many ways, including on the ceiling and walls inside your house. Look for:

  • Yellowing
  • Peeling paint
  • Bulging wallpaper
  • Staining
  • Mold

Any of these signs can indicate a leak.

Inspect Gutters and Metal Components

Gutters in Pike County can also show signs of water damage, but it may not look the way you expect. A gutter that looks fine on the exterior can reveal rust, denting, and excessive debris on the interior. The same is true for other metal components including flashing, vents, and downspouts. These parts can be the most susceptible to water damage, as they all create natural breaks in the roofing plane.

Evaluate Shingles

Your roofing is about to bear the brunt of the severe weather this summer, so make sure your shingles and underlayment are at their healthiest. Check for signs of damage like:

  • Breaking
  • Missing pieces
  • Splitting
  • Warping
  • Wobbling

These symptoms may require roof repair, but it’s always better to address minor issues quickly before they escalate into costly problems.

 Get the Opinion of Your Contractor

When looking for water damage, it’s always beneficial to get the opinion of your local roofing contractor in Rockland County. He or she can spot the signs of trouble and address them so you can have a worry-free summer.

You can always ask your roofer for assistance with correcting water damage.

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